Selected Projects

Black Dot.
Identity and branding for a men's clothing boutique in El Paso, Tx.

2014 — A&A

Brands & People.
Web design consultant and web development for a brand-centric company focused on mobilizing commercial brands in Latin America.

2015 — FACEbrands.mx

Identity and branding for a young Mexican jewelry boutique located in Ciudad Juárez, México.

2015 — A&A — Interior design: Jessica Bordie — Photography: Alicia Fernandez

Orange Investments.
Web design and development for a real estate consulting company based in Monterrey, Mexico.

2014 — FACEorange.com.mx

Adrian Key.
Identity and stationery design for an architecture firm based in San Pedro, an upscale district of Monterrey, Mexico.

2013 — FACE

Identity and branding for a design and music collective.

2013 / 2013 — A&A - wearekreativa.com